Building a high-end PlayStation 5 (it was HARD!)

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I made a BRASS PlayStation 5! Also, regarding KiwiCo, visit to get 50% off your first month of ANY crate!

Frances Rosado
Frances Rosado 28 minuuttia sitten
Waow! One of a kind! This is majestic! Love the idea!! 🥰🥰
jr m
jr m 41 minuutti sitten
Make a brass Xbox sx nevermind it would be boring to make a brass box poor design
Shady S
Shady S Tunti sitten
Just imagine how it'd look in matte, brushed or sand plasted finish! 😍
Joe D
Joe D Tunti sitten
There are 12,016 comments on this video as of May 10, 2021 at 4:25 pm PST. As such I will offer 1,201.60 dollars to purchase this PlayStation and the person that comments immediately after me shall match that amount and donate it to charity.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 3 tuntia sitten
Fantastic work!
FunkMachine Bass
FunkMachine Bass 3 tuntia sitten
Is it for sale
Harsh Nemesis
Harsh Nemesis 3 tuntia sitten
The intro: No it looks like wifi router lmao.
Ian Robert
Ian Robert 3 tuntia sitten
wow so cool Mathew
Un-Break-Able 4 tuntia sitten
Impressive skills! But I still gotta go with the black and white design personally
straightforward person
straightforward person 7 tuntia sitten
What about temperature
Skinflaps Meatslapper
Skinflaps Meatslapper 7 tuntia sitten
Missed a fantastic opportunity for contrast by using a copper sheet for the center rather than another sheet of brass.
Darkaxelgaming 2004
Darkaxelgaming 2004 7 tuntia sitten
Rich gamers would be jealous this looks cool though!
Lampin Laurels
Lampin Laurels 8 tuntia sitten
Great work! When can you send it to me? lol jk
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 9 tuntia sitten
That actually reminds me of jetpack joyride, where we can change all the vehicles into a gold one
DeeBoss05 9 tuntia sitten
Glorious... Just Glorious
10_ likha tuesept
10_ likha tuesept 13 tuntia sitten
What about the blue lights
iumjay_ 13 tuntia sitten
Idk man, look gold to me🤷🏻‍♂️
elwingy 16 tuntia sitten
That is not high end that is cringy as hell... what is it with people and gold color? This whole gangsta wannabe trend in all kind of objects is hilarious... give me a mate black ps5 please.
Mark Potter
Mark Potter 16 tuntia sitten
0:20 it's mass produced tell that to everyone who can't get hold of one lol EDIT: Really great work by the way loved the video it was oddly satisfying watching you doing this :)
stephen729 19 tuntia sitten
highend means gold? nah
ToraFilms 19 tuntia sitten
what if it was made out of arse
kc intobearzz
kc intobearzz 20 tuntia sitten
Omg! Absolutely fabulously beautiful! Gorgeous! One of a kind now n you should b very proud what u hav achieved! BRAVO!!!👏👍👌 Thanks 🙏 you’s so much for this entertaining video as i m a gamer. WOW! I really m speechless!
Perseus (Soviet Soldier)
Perseus (Soviet Soldier) 22 tuntia sitten
Sony be like: let’s hire this guy for the ps6 Ps6: IM SO SHINY
Timothy Chen
Timothy Chen Päivä sitten
Is this going to be over heat? Looks like its gonna absorb a lot of heat.
Lucas Olivieri
Lucas Olivieri Päivä sitten
Apple in Johnny Ive voice: this is our most stunning iPhone ever It's not- nevermind..
Hamza Ilarzeg
Hamza Ilarzeg Päivä sitten
Problem solving
appadoo Pomme
appadoo Pomme Päivä sitten
Gilian van der Heide
Gilian van der Heide Päivä sitten
This is awesome!
@DIY Perks will u sell that to me? What is the price?
Carmelo Treviso
Carmelo Treviso Päivä sitten
Looks great. Wish we could see it with the LED lights turned on
Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox Päivä sitten
The people who disliked this need a COVID test, because they’ve got no taste...
razvan terguta
razvan terguta Päivä sitten
achievement unlocked: golden ps5
Tutro zon
Tutro zon Päivä sitten
OMG! 🔥🔥✨✨💖
Armando Santos
Armando Santos Päivä sitten
this is the most stunnishing c_3po edition ps5 i´ve ever seen, congrats mate!!
Ark The Empire
Ark The Empire Päivä sitten
How’s it performing heat wise ?
IDUM 168
IDUM 168 Päivä sitten
Its time for a Quick ad" Me: Oh just a 15 second ad ok. Reality: 2 minute never ending ad Btw nice work man, that is amazing.
Harsh Nemesis
Harsh Nemesis 3 tuntia sitten
Not for me, the sponsorblock skips the invideo ads :)
Faysalcoeg Päivä sitten
Virtual riot
RetyCake Päivä sitten
Mass produced???
Kizzy K
Kizzy K Päivä sitten
Stunning Matt. Love this.
Lukas Romualdo
Lukas Romualdo Päivä sitten
Retr0GamerGR Päivä sitten
Why bother???its from lidl
Aryan Prajapati
Aryan Prajapati Päivä sitten
Micah Powers
Micah Powers Päivä sitten
That looks better than the original design. I hate the shape of the ps5.
awais ahmed
awais ahmed 2 päivää sitten
This is art. Simply Amazing
Eeveethebeast 19
Eeveethebeast 19 2 päivää sitten
nice job
KAWA BUNGA 2 päivää sitten
Looks like the gold edition i bought 😂😂🤑
Stanimir Rankovski
Stanimir Rankovski 2 päivää sitten
Is your car made of brass too?
Nahom Alelgn
Nahom Alelgn 2 päivää sitten
James 2 päivää sitten
watch a guy breaking his hand with brass plate
Lou Cipher
Lou Cipher 2 päivää sitten
thats the worst design ever, its like a shanghai building in my living room, had to remove doors and and refrigerate to get it in the house, wish it was smaller but its the best console ever made...
Fraaz Ali
Fraaz Ali 2 päivää sitten
Sony: challenge it if DIY Perks can. Diy Perks: hold my beer Xbox: challenge if LTT can: LTT: yawn too easy for me as I did mods on Xbox family they are speechless and clueless.
Abhiraj Rajpoot
Abhiraj Rajpoot 2 päivää sitten
And how do you solve the problem of heating just because its brass
The Anti Tryhard
The Anti Tryhard 2 päivää sitten
just wow!
Kokkeong Lee
Kokkeong Lee 2 päivää sitten
sexy ps5
kapil busawah
kapil busawah 2 päivää sitten
What's the opposite to brass? Cement Wood Fabric covers Mayonnaise What is it!?
Wim Seffelaar
Wim Seffelaar 2 päivää sitten
That’s absolutely astonishing work!
Harald Rotter
Harald Rotter 2 päivää sitten
Looks reeeeally nice !!!! did U ground the Case ?
Hekticc 2 päivää sitten
Brass ps5 controller
Antonio Di Vece
Antonio Di Vece 2 päivää sitten
BRAVO! Wonderful result! But it's not easy.... Bluetooth propagation is influenced from modifies? i like your videos very much....
VADemon 2 päivää sitten
comment for engagement diy brass nice
Retrobom57 2 päivää sitten
Getting a PS5 is also hard!
Kyahn Cho
Kyahn Cho 2 päivää sitten
the most elegant fingerprint magnet I've ever seen heheh subbed looking forward for awesome videos like this :)
Rby Bacani
Rby Bacani 2 päivää sitten
make a golden controller
MATEO SANCHEZ 2 päivää sitten
do the controller now
Mike M.B.
Mike M.B. 3 päivää sitten
Waaaooooo, quedó de super lujo ❤️👌🏻
Try This At Home!
Try This At Home! 3 päivää sitten
I was researching something entirely unrelated and came across this video and watched the entire thing! FANTASTIC JOB! I don't own a PS5 or work with brass, I just wanted to see how you did it. Well done!
Ralph 3 päivää sitten
What about the logo?
EL 2 MEGAS 3 päivää sitten
That's how I see my playstation 5 every time that I play
Naraj 85
Naraj 85 3 päivää sitten
Make a trash can and put a gold Xbox logo on it.🔥🔥🔥🔥
THEMaNIsWOrTHit 3 päivää sitten
فيصل العسيري
فيصل العسيري 3 päivää sitten
I would like to do it with wood,but is it a good idea?
AsH GaMiNg
AsH GaMiNg 3 päivää sitten
How much for a custom?
Mermete8 3 päivää sitten
For Perky McPerks, there is brass. For everyone else there is spraypaint :)
scotty28653 3 päivää sitten
Beautifully done! I'd hate to touch it though because of finger print marks left behind.
Anuraag Tiwari
Anuraag Tiwari 3 päivää sitten
Jesus. This guy is nuts! Great, but nuts! But seriously, after watching till the end, what an exquisite piece of work! Brilliant.
Finical MATT
Finical MATT 3 päivää sitten
I can say nice but just gets wrap simple cheap
Peter Liljebladh
Peter Liljebladh 3 päivää sitten
I would have preferred the center casing being contrasted with a different material, perhaps wood with a nice big logo burnt into the side to really drive it home.
Joakim Knutslien
Joakim Knutslien 3 päivää sitten
At 14:46 it suddenly starts to be a "what if apple made a consolse" commercial :p
fluid! 3 päivää sitten
Did you forgot the ps logo?
ashish _yadav673
ashish _yadav673 3 päivää sitten
Amazing 😍😍😍😍
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 3 päivää sitten
Underated channel even at 5 million
Lord Ziaf
Lord Ziaf 3 päivää sitten bad it was the digital version....just looks like a shiny forgot the PlayStation cut out
Hola! 3 päivää sitten
I want it so badly 😔
Rizal Saifullah
Rizal Saifullah 3 päivää sitten
Wasn't it high end already?
Syah Rixky
Syah Rixky 3 päivää sitten
Looks jus like 12 pro max in gold but for the PS5
Syah Rixky
Syah Rixky 3 päivää sitten
U worth my like 👍🏻
Jake R
Jake R 3 päivää sitten
I'm curious if you lacquered the brass at all to keep it from forming a patina.
Smart Trump Supporter 2
Smart Trump Supporter 2 3 päivää sitten
How mach?
Smart Trump Supporter 2
Smart Trump Supporter 2 3 päivää sitten
Never heard of this grass metal. Looks like gold.
Apo 3 päivää sitten
You forgot the most important thing, does not say SONY. Despite having a great Heat sink it gets very hot and makes a horrible noise.
serujio_s 4 päivää sitten
gran trabajo impresiónate el resultado crack 😀👌👏
Zach S
Zach S 4 päivää sitten
Controller next?
Daniel Enck
Daniel Enck 4 päivää sitten
i had some brass hookahs and o boy did i have to put time into them every month just to make them look good. the oxidation just from room temperature/room humidity was way beyond anything i had as materials before. i had to polish the heck out of them.
Medina 15
Medina 15 4 päivää sitten
Holy Shit man this is glorious
NORMIE 4 päivää sitten
if you want to make another ps5, use glass. that would be very dope
Chiefbossman 5
Chiefbossman 5 4 päivää sitten
Imagine SONY seeing this video and realizing they can make a gold ps5
Nugenman Gaming
Nugenman Gaming 4 päivää sitten
at :20 he said it sounds mass produced that thing is not mass produced let me tell ya
Danny Brewood
Danny Brewood 4 päivää sitten
Wow!! That is bloody sweeeet!!!!!
DocSavage6 4 päivää sitten
You do beautiful work and this is especially stunning to watch beginning to end. Thank you for your hard work and for entertaining us.
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes 4 päivää sitten
What a legend.
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