DIY Home Security - ON A BUDGET!

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In this video I'll be showing you how to make a low cost DIY home security setup using recycled laptop webcams! Don't forget to add security to your internet with NordVPN: use offer code "DIYPerks" for 66% off!
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Levenza Mendez
Levenza Mendez 9 tuntia sitten
Thank u so much.....I made my own USB webcam using old laptop inspired by you and I'm a 13 year old boy
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr Päivä sitten
Very cool bud
GEULACH 2 päivää sitten
This is super cool and all but honestly.. fuck wires
Martin Raps
Martin Raps 3 päivää sitten
Next step would be to make these accessable through WiFi. Would you be able to bring this up?
Eddie 303
Eddie 303 4 päivää sitten
Man ... you are too good. Thanks
K M 5 päivää sitten
Can you do this with phone cameras? Phone cameras have better video quality and so on
TECH GURU 5 päivää sitten
Great video great ❤️❤️❤️
Kenneth Vandbæk
Kenneth Vandbæk 8 päivää sitten
I have ripped of a camera from at broken laptop. In your cameras you have more or less 4 wires. I have 7 wires. I have a twisted pair and then 6 wires. I think some of them is used for mic. Do you think you could update this with an example of 7 wires?
Amirmahdi Mersad
Amirmahdi Mersad 8 päivää sitten
i cant find the positive wire on any of the transistors. van anybody help me. and by the way i have 6 wires instead of 5
rahul kalra
rahul kalra 9 päivää sitten
great project .. in terms of wire extension how much can you achieve in terms of meter's .. 10m/20m/30m? a) looking for the answer to this question .. please help .. further just wondering how 5 volts can go though such long distance(i have no experience of using cat6 wire as usb) ..please help !!!!
Tammy ymmat
Tammy ymmat 9 päivää sitten
I tried to salvage may cam on laptop and it only has 4 wires, i've never seen twisted pair pf wires
Gold Photo
Gold Photo 11 päivää sitten
I feel like it's important to address that these will basically stop functioning in low light situations. because they have no IR functionality they should be placed near lights that are on overnight. This setup is so cool given it's simple design and use of recycled parts, but I'd really love to see a version paired with a small motion sensing light.
JAQUANA PREVOE 11 päivää sitten
Hi booty
zamoteh 11 päivää sitten
I connected all the wires successfully, so my laptop camera actually works on my PC through the USB. But my laptop camera comes with a dual microphone array (one on each side of the camera). Has anyone figured out how to connect the wires to the USB cable, so as to also get the mic to work? Does it have something to do with the extra two wires from the camera cable (usb cable has 4 and the camera cable has 6 wires) - do you somehow connect them to the 4 USB wires or do you have to connect the extra two wires to an audio cable and plug it into the mic jack in the PC?
Lordson Ashigbey
Lordson Ashigbey 12 päivää sitten
Great work, i will try this as i beleive it will workout..
SurfinBirdOn Speed
SurfinBirdOn Speed 14 päivää sitten
4:25 gopro sharpness activated
ElioRodriguez23 15 päivää sitten
Hi, Thanks for inspiration!🌟 I am trying to reuse the webcam from a broken PC. Ufortunately I removed the whole conector leaving the camera without wires. Is it any way I can still use this camera? I have tried to find the conector on internet but I haven't find any 😓
Frank James
Frank James 16 päivää sitten
I strongly appreciate *pellintohacks_* via IG he's the best solution ever.
Markus Corr
Markus Corr 18 päivää sitten
Thank you so much for all your DIY videos! Today I changed the display of my girlfriends iphone and I removed the working camera of the old display. So I have a tiny camera but don't where I get the hardware to get it working. Do you have an idea?
Sane Pilot
Sane Pilot 18 päivää sitten
thank you for contacam suggestion
Marek Klučka
Marek Klučka 19 päivää sitten
So, my webcam has like 10 cables, and no copper screw to get ground. Any idea how to get the wiring correctly? It's webcam from HP ProBook 4730s, id 10P2SF122
Alex Martin
Alex Martin 13 päivää sitten
It probably has a microphone or 2 on the camera board. The twisted pair should still be the camera data. The back of the board may have some copper pads that are used as ground instead of the screw hole.
Sajith Athukorala
Sajith Athukorala 19 päivää sitten
it wont work properly in night time right ?
TampseyLp 19 päivää sitten
im gonna make a webcam >< like fr this is cheaper and better than buying anything of the web
TampseyLp 19 päivää sitten
can you please show how to use android phone cameras in the same manner
Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee 19 päivää sitten
Can you upload videoes of how to convert laptop webcam into wireless webcam or how to make a laptop webcam into wifi webcam.
Tarvu 20 päivää sitten
6:10 Maybe it's because I'm a bit childish but I found this bit really funny xD
urdli kormin
urdli kormin 20 päivää sitten
Don't lose your time trying that ! I tried it with a 10 years old computer cam (5 wires) and another one that is 5 years old (9 wires). Both were detected but created usb powering limit errors shown by windows on 3 different computers. None were plug and play like shown in this video. I was going to try some other tips from this channel but I now believe that what is shown is simplified to keep people entertained.
rahul kalra
rahul kalra 9 päivää sitten
Hey .. how much length have u achieved successfully? could you please help !!!!
Ben Shing
Ben Shing 21 päivä sitten
Great video, but I have a question: What about audio from the webcam ? Is this also possible ?
Muhmmad Mudasir khan
Muhmmad Mudasir khan 22 päivää sitten
Is cat4 type cable is suitable against data cable?
schorsch1989 24 päivää sitten
which programm did you use for showing the webcam pictures at your laptop? it isn't linkd and it seemed you never sayed it.
Azis Pratama
Azis Pratama 25 päivää sitten
8:32 the problem is when the night time comes, since there is no infrared camera version on webcam
Amongusify 26 päivää sitten
how to get the camera easy and easier and easiest easy - buy it on your online store websie easier - get the laptop remove the screen with force remove the LCD remove the plastic get the camera easiest - remove the bezel get camera
Amongusify 26 päivää sitten
how to get the camera easy and easier easy - buy it on your online store websie easier - get the laptop remove the screen with force remove the LCD remove the plastic get the camera done
Gark44 27 päivää sitten
Used this instead of buying a new webcam, just had a work interview using it.
Tony 27 päivää sitten
Can we use iPhone cameras though?
William Bauce
William Bauce 27 päivää sitten
would it be possible to hook up snake cameras to a dvr cctv system? Thanks!
Rafiqkie Muaddib
Rafiqkie Muaddib 28 päivää sitten
Ondřej Líkař
Ondřej Líkař 28 päivää sitten
Great tip, but I think that better way could be LAN camera - then you can power it with POE and you don't need so many repeaters to pover it via USB, is there same way how to do it? Thanks.
rbhnr 29 päivää sitten
So how do they look at night with no infrared functionality ?
random name yes?
random name yes? Uukausi sitten
i just make my phone stream and then record it with obs boom
Cynthia Jane
Cynthia Jane Uukausi sitten
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Cynthia Jane
Cynthia Jane Uukausi sitten
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Shubham Vakharia
Shubham Vakharia Uukausi sitten
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Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman Uukausi sitten
should ve watched cat videos.
Ninjashadow Uukausi sitten
Imagine if he starts gaming
Goofydeadpool 79
Goofydeadpool 79 Uukausi sitten
WHat if my camera connector is a flex cable?
Random Dude
Random Dude Uukausi sitten
YouTube Alpha
YouTube Alpha Uukausi sitten
junyang chin
junyang chin Uukausi sitten
Can we do it with old mobile phone?
Praneat Data
Praneat Data Uukausi sitten
Can I use old smartphone camera for this
edz de la vega
edz de la vega Uukausi sitten
Is it also possible to use an old phone camera?
Uwe Uukausi sitten
NordVPN? Dislike!
Enzo Tech
Enzo Tech Uukausi sitten
Very interesting project.I did the same connection but i was confronted with the USB problem.Using the 1.5 USB cable, i got the image but once i extended the USB cable to let say 30m i wasn't capable of having images.Is it due to the type of usb? Or it depends on the type(capacity ( of my computer?
rahul kalra
rahul kalra 9 päivää sitten
Hey i have the same question .. what kind of wire are u using? i guess you need to use cat6 cable(need to modify it)
Kholdstare Uukausi sitten
How is that a budget? You need to buy all the cams, the root hubs, the laptop, tons of VERY LONG wires, the rubber junk, etc.
Bozo the clown
Bozo the clown Uukausi sitten
Hey Matt, I just want to say, your videos are really good. I am an electronics guy myself and my explanations are not as smooth as yours so yeah... well done mate... I will keep watching your wonderful presentations. All the best from Australia... ==BOZE==
junyang chin
junyang chin Uukausi sitten
Is It possible make it to become driving camera?
Eduardo Trinidad
Eduardo Trinidad Uukausi sitten
And for night vision?
Horse Renoir84
Horse Renoir84 Uukausi sitten
Ive seen 3 of your videos today and well...ya got yourself a subscriber! Thanks my man...I truly appreciate your work
Smart DiY
Smart DiY Uukausi sitten
Nice idea🤗
Jim Matrix
Jim Matrix Uukausi sitten
Can you make a hearing aid from salvaged microphone connected to earphone (The type used by doctors to speak to hearing loss patients)? Please post the circuit diagram.
Mannuel Sky
Mannuel Sky Uukausi sitten
Hello DIY Perks can you make a video on old phone cams
JJ Che
JJ Che Uukausi sitten
JJ Che
JJ Che Uukausi sitten
88.2 9e Simlso
JJ Che
JJ Che Uukausi sitten
4. what ā nightmarĕ
Kaavi Sharma
Kaavi Sharma Uukausi sitten
Can you please tell me how to use them without laptop
Gabriel Rese
Gabriel Rese Uukausi sitten
Muy buen vídeo, no entiendo lo que dices pero no veas lo bien que explicas, un saludo. thank you...
JustJesseツ Uukausi sitten
Yep. It worked. Until the solder pads ripped off..
Master Wrench
Master Wrench Uukausi sitten
Wow! Fun & informative!
T El
T El Uukausi sitten
I aave dead cellphones with camera as well as an old external desktop computer camera . Can I modify them too ? Maybe I can mix & match such cemeras into a security setup like your ? thx
HugoSam_2805 Uukausi sitten
Hi, is there a way to put the camera on Homebridge in raspberry Pi
Brian Raquel
Brian Raquel Uukausi sitten
can you make a video for a wireless connection?
Patrick Callihan
Patrick Callihan Uukausi sitten
Worked 1st Try! As you said absolutely use a multimeter to find the wires. Old Lenovo camera RED was GND! Thanks for the info.
william galindo
william galindo Uukausi sitten
Vinicius Elias
Vinicius Elias Uukausi sitten
Hi Matt, Realy Nice Videos! Can you help me ? I'm trying to convert a camera from an old broken laptop using your tutorial. After removing the camera I am not able to find the ground wire. I'm using a multimeter and the hole in the PCB, the camera has only 4 wires, the 2 tangled and 2 others. I tested the 4 wires and none has continuity. Is there any other way to find the wires correctly?
Jeffrey Eslopor
Jeffrey Eslopor Uukausi sitten
I tried this, but it does not work with longer cables.
Brawl Box
Brawl Box Uukausi sitten
well done
noaquie b
noaquie b Uukausi sitten
Not going to read all the comments. But it would be interesting instead of running all those USB wires would it not be easier to use wi-fi module connected to the camera. All that is needed not would be to use all those USB adapters collected over the years.
YeahYeahBoy Uukausi sitten
bitweb Uukausi sitten
The vpn add is crap pal
Sister Mary Clements
Sister Mary Clements Uukausi sitten
the best home security is a big dog.
Blake Uukausi sitten
What kind of connector is that on the end? I bought a webcam like this but it didn't come with the cable. I'm tempted to just take that connector off and solder the wires onto the board.
Logan Jarrell
Logan Jarrell 2 kuukautta sitten
The webcam I hooked up seems to get extremely hot after a short time. Is that normal? I know we don't usually touch these when they're inside our computers so I really don't know.
Ervin 2 kuukautta sitten
Any sites/videos/articles that explains how to turn this diy build into a wireless device?
The Silver Snake
The Silver Snake 2 kuukautta sitten
Can u show us how turn it into a ip camera or maybe how we can connect it to a lan cable
Dani I.A
Dani I.A 2 kuukautta sitten
How do you attach an camera with a mic to USB?
Pizarro 2 kuukautta sitten
could u make it wireless?
ANANT JAIN 2 kuukautta sitten
awesome, only night vision is lacking but otherwise a great setup :)
Blondie SL
Blondie SL 2 kuukautta sitten
That ContaCam looks interesting. It appears to be using the H.264 protocols AND can handle up to 16 cams! (as long as the computer it's installed on can handle 16 USB inputs... unlikely.. but it's doable with a couple of high-end powered USB hubs. (or should be). I look at this video and his other ones about using old laptop webcams and I cringe! As a tech, I can't even count how many old laptops we tossed in the trash (recycled) that I could have stripped out old cams from. This just never crossed my mind. LOL Oh well.
Elocin Anagram
Elocin Anagram 2 kuukautta sitten
Can you do this with dead and old phone cameras?
Kenneth Lim
Kenneth Lim 2 kuukautta sitten
Your videos are great .
MarkBonerea 2 kuukautta sitten
So after soldering just plug into laptop and it will automatically recognize the camera and install the driver???
Logan Jarrell
Logan Jarrell 2 kuukautta sitten
Pretty much. It sounds like it may not work like that every time, but it did for me. My computer immediately recognized it as "Laptop Integrated Webcam" and it was plug and play
Pratik Gauns
Pratik Gauns 2 kuukautta sitten
Is it possible to use this camera in fpv drone ?
NOSfusion 2 kuukautta sitten
On a budget, so like what, a few hundred dollars... Oh, you mean for less than a latte kind of budget. Outstanding.
Aaron Tidbury
Aaron Tidbury 2 kuukautta sitten
nice house matt
freebeenergy 2 kuukautta sitten
how about fpv pilot cam?
Bernard Brixeau Gutierrez
Bernard Brixeau Gutierrez 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey Matt! this was awesome! How about making a USB webcam from an old phone camera module?
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2 kuukautta sitten
Fabulous work 👍🏻 can you tell me how to make it NightVision camera with a laptops 💻 cameras ?
fu ckSociety
fu ckSociety 2 kuukautta sitten
EXTREMELY low resolution cameras .usb cable length limits application distance, always run computer - useless security system DISLIKE!
brandon dorion
brandon dorion 2 kuukautta sitten
5:56 scary
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