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In this video I get the rare opportunity to test out an industrial grade LED stadium light, and my goodness it's bright! More info:

Vincent W
Vincent W 19 päivää sitten
I need this ASAP in my bathroom!
SocialHostage Uukausi sitten
You should shine it in a lake at night
VVill 2 kuukautta sitten
This channel is just bright lights and quite computers
Juan Pretorius
Juan Pretorius 2 kuukautta sitten
Imagine being able to focus the beam to a specific point, 500m away. Then getting 50 of these, and pointing them to the clouds at night. Whole new meaning to Skylight.
Common Man Crypto
Common Man Crypto 3 kuukautta sitten
Use this as a grow light. You'll have to hang it pretty high, but it should have enough light intensity.
Lucio Amorim
Lucio Amorim 4 kuukautta sitten
You should make a strobe light out of it... for dancing parties, you know
John Mortimore
John Mortimore 4 kuukautta sitten
Holy macaroni and cheese
Hishine Group Limited
Hishine Group Limited 4 kuukautta sitten
Very nice lamps, I like it
Leah Anna
Leah Anna 5 kuukautta sitten
The billowy colombia pathologically file because mercury simulteneously bomb below a phobic nose. didactic, prickly bowling
Thambidurai Christopher
Thambidurai Christopher 5 kuukautta sitten
i cant see you when you on the light because it was veryvery brightness
TREBELMEKER 5 kuukautta sitten
Those plants gotta be like, aight sleep, time to breathe oxygen. 1 hour later : oh shoot, it's day, photosynthesis again
Viogolin 5 kuukautta sitten
it makes no sense to own something like that 🤣
Nithin 6 kuukautta sitten
ohhh no
Chris Wick
Chris Wick 6 kuukautta sitten
omg.... make it battery powered and keep it in your car... it might come in handy.
Sparky 6 kuukautta sitten
Bright guy.
The Weeb
The Weeb 6 kuukautta sitten
Looks like i found my new fishinglights
The Weeb
The Weeb 6 kuukautta sitten
Hana Munamana
Hana Munamana 7 kuukautta sitten
Please be careful
Ewane Don Haris
Ewane Don Haris 7 kuukautta sitten
But a stadium light is way bigger than that almost like the scoreboard
Golu Kumar
Golu Kumar 7 kuukautta sitten
I'm like everyone else and I have to do it for me I was just thinking about me
Simmer C
Simmer C 7 kuukautta sitten
I come from the future. In 2020 you will test out a 1000watt 1 led light
Peanut 7 kuukautta sitten
You should put that thing on a big drone :D
Christo 7 kuukautta sitten
what is the CRI for that? Spec sheet says 80/90+ well, that is perfectly ambiguous.
Synthetic Danimal 90
Synthetic Danimal 90 7 kuukautta sitten
Your neighbors probably thought they were gonna be beamed up by an alien space ship
Rana Abdullah
Rana Abdullah 8 kuukautta sitten
1:58 ... your grandma would be like... ''Oooo... I think I have come to heaven''....
spontanp 8 kuukautta sitten
Next up: "Got my hands on a nuclear powered lighthouse bulb" ;D
Pierre-Loup D.
Pierre-Loup D. 8 kuukautta sitten
Imagine trick or treating and your neighbour uses one of these as a security light
Manic Sainer
Manic Sainer 8 kuukautta sitten
Next thing you know the military is going to send him a nuclear warhead
TCG786 8 kuukautta sitten
Tom Le
Tom Le 8 kuukautta sitten
4:10 never have I ever seen anyone wearing sunglasses/shades at night
Ali Finley
Ali Finley 8 kuukautta sitten
So in the first 10 seconds, Matt is talking about his big, heavy package full of hardware. He then whips it out and talks about how huge and impressive it is. Modesty is not his strong suit. As a gay man, I'm excited about where this is headed.
مستر ميوزك Mr. Music
مستر ميوزك Mr. Music 9 kuukautta sitten
Me when I get my salary: " I am going to mind my budget and only buy useful things" Two hours later: Hey mom, look, I bought a baby sun from china !
Yuvan Baldwine W
Yuvan Baldwine W 9 kuukautta sitten
Looks like a good light for whatever you need a sun for.
jerald paul
jerald paul 9 kuukautta sitten
Mount it on the boot door and flash it whenever a driver comes on high beam in your mirror
Abril Briliant
Abril Briliant 9 kuukautta sitten
when you want to sleep but your neighbour make a sun
Koushik Paul
Koushik Paul 9 kuukautta sitten
Marvel's next movie LED Man.
Rahul Chautala
Rahul Chautala 9 kuukautta sitten
You mean the SOON is on? 16 hoondred?
MooseNoodles 9 kuukautta sitten
Your electric bill must be high af
Rafid Tahmid
Rafid Tahmid 9 kuukautta sitten
Experts: Don't point your camera towards the sun DIY perks: yes
Lewis Heasman
Lewis Heasman 9 kuukautta sitten
Laughs in 5000watt led
Awakening Enthusiast
Awakening Enthusiast 9 kuukautta sitten
I'd like 6 of these for my grow room
DULY89 DULY 9 kuukautta sitten
Hello how to mach many this light
Spyrox 9 kuukautta sitten
when it's so bright that I have have to squint while looking at my computer screen
Melzo 9 kuukautta sitten
how it feel when u need to pay more then ur usual cost of electrity just because of this.
Thales Posella
Thales Posella 9 kuukautta sitten
Matt, you haven an addiction problem. 😳
Al Richmond
Al Richmond 9 kuukautta sitten
Is relevant to state the 'lumens' rating as a measure of how bright the manufacturer says stuff is (not only watts)? For example, my oven is rated over 1000W, but it isn't very bright (unless I cook my ready-meal with the outer packaging still on).
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 10 kuukautta sitten
I'm pretty sure the reason that the reflectors weren't reflective on the inside is because they work the same way as fiber optics. The light from the LED approaches the side of the reflector at such a shallow angle that it just bounces off instead of going through. (Because of snell's law). After bouncing off the side it is approaching the front of the reflector at a steep enough angle (nearly 90 degrees) so it goes through instead of reflecting. Destin from Smarter Every Day has a great video about this: ( ) where he demonstrates it with a laser underwater.
Trippin on the clouds
Trippin on the clouds 10 kuukautta sitten
imagine how much weed
emmanuel Fernando
emmanuel Fernando 10 kuukautta sitten
Diy Perks Please teach how did you shoot outdoors with wireless mic. Or did you dub it. Can you shoot a video with wireless mic in sync. which camera.
42Siren 10 kuukautta sitten
Package from china ? Sign me out!
Andrew 10 kuukautta sitten
Bruh how many lights does this guy need
Zabair Ghafoor
Zabair Ghafoor 10 kuukautta sitten
Put it behind your car and turn it on while on a police chase.
Jacob Opstad
Jacob Opstad 10 kuukautta sitten
Football field projector?
perfectly_unstable 10 kuukautta sitten
but why?
Alan 10 kuukautta sitten
You should ask someone in space station if they can see it from space 😉
Andi M
Andi M 10 kuukautta sitten
Nooo... damaged the wall with the crate :(
MozGodGT 10 kuukautta sitten
Am I the only one who closed there eyes
νταν νταν
νταν νταν 10 kuukautta sitten
1:58 rip electricity bill 😳
Môrsíne Sabishī
Môrsíne Sabishī 10 kuukautta sitten
2030: how to make your own sun
FinalCionide 10 kuukautta sitten
FinalCionide 10 kuukautta sitten
Gabby Singh
Gabby Singh 10 kuukautta sitten
Kudos!! Still i dnt see me DIYing it in near or far future.
Daan 10 kuukautta sitten
Material for making a mega video projector
JimPlaysGames 10 kuukautta sitten
So where's the video where you focus the light into a death laser?
John Phelyno
John Phelyno 10 kuukautta sitten
Diy perks teaching swear words in food form
Pepeijndhoven 10 kuukautta sitten
Good for someone who is tailgating
Reed Melicher
Reed Melicher 10 kuukautta sitten
Idk what you plan to do with that but you should get in touch with the slow mo guys. I'm sure their channel could greatly benefit from this
Yengore 10 kuukautta sitten
Every moth in the local area.....................LAMP!
Wilson Henley
Wilson Henley 10 kuukautta sitten
I use 250w of multi spectrum LEDs to grow my weed. Still it blinds. Can't imagine this monster.
June8 Payback
June8 Payback 10 kuukautta sitten
immagine using this for your projector :D
Dale D
Dale D 10 kuukautta sitten
How many people do you think thought ufos were around?
Shreyas Saraf
Shreyas Saraf 10 kuukautta sitten
Brothr hw u connected that but from wer uh 2get power for that Is that from ua car ? I think it's very difficult to generate dis muc power from car to power 1000w how did uh manage dat ????
ricardo ramirez
ricardo ramirez 10 kuukautta sitten
Woah this dude is really in to lights
PrinzMidas 10 kuukautta sitten
Did he said "Gut Nacht" in the end of the Video? ;-D
dont test me im 2 by 4
dont test me im 2 by 4 10 kuukautta sitten
Budda's enlightenment v2 @ 1:57
Lu Emb
Lu Emb 11 kuukautta sitten
Omg i LOVE British accents👌 oh yeah the video was pretty amazing as well
MarcosElMalo2 11 kuukautta sitten
Can I have the shipping crate when you’re done with it?
Ryan Breitkreutz
Ryan Breitkreutz 11 kuukautta sitten
Too long didn't watch: It's bright, and you need one.
St Buddha
St Buddha 11 kuukautta sitten
Can this work as a growlight?
alexander crook
alexander crook Vuosi sitten
would a car battery be able to keep it running
murderdogg Vuosi sitten
awesome garden
DIYPD Vuosi sitten
Really cool mate!
Holmes Vuosi sitten
Just keep it in the back and blind people if they tailgate you 😂😂😂
stem ster
stem ster Vuosi sitten
that'll take hlg to the cleaners
Francis Grabetz
Francis Grabetz Vuosi sitten
I want two of these to replace my headlights.
Olleck Meier
Olleck Meier Vuosi sitten
sure a super lamp for growing ;)
Mond Elefant
Mond Elefant Vuosi sitten
I wonder if it would be abled to do sth against a board/wall painted with Vantablack.....
Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse Vuosi sitten
I have 1 of them stadium lights on the back of my council house as a security light, my neighbours think im a cunt lol.
md sharma
md sharma Vuosi sitten
lol.... nowadays a single led is 1500W , that needs to be water cooled
Wonder Noob Player
Wonder Noob Player Vuosi sitten
Ho my ho my now its day my guy
Danilo Carvalho
Danilo Carvalho Vuosi sitten
UH!! I GOT AN IDEA!!! 4:09
Melon Ouyang
Melon Ouyang Vuosi sitten
Hello Danilo. This company is specialized in Led sports lighting for nearly 10 years, and they can provide one-step lighting solutions including lights, light pole, cables, installation if you need. If you are interested with it, you can contact or go to their facebook:
Jerm Vuosi sitten
Put that on the front of your car....."what do you mean my lights are too bright officer?" "This is how they come from the factory now"
Jerm Vuosi sitten
You starting a grow room soon?
Egarolla Vuosi sitten
please do something quirky and geeky about cars.. 😍
Gerarld Wershure
Gerarld Wershure Vuosi sitten
Watching this on the lowest brightness while trying to fall asleep, suddenly it is daylight in my room lol
faarmer Vuosi sitten
Quick question, why do you need a 1000W stadium light?
Melon Ouyang
Melon Ouyang Vuosi sitten
Hi, there are many places including stadium were still using conventional lamp like Metal Halide, high pressure sodium lamp, but they are too dark or too bright. To protect the environment and save cost, more and more people replace the old lamp with Led lights now. This lamp in the youtube can be done from 100-5000w, and not only can be used for stadium, but also for airport, parking lot, tennis court, basketball court etc. If you are interested with Led lights, maybe you can contact or follow their facebook
Nicolas Jacquemin
Nicolas Jacquemin Vuosi sitten
"Holy maccaroni and cheese !" Made my day.
LED lighting fixtures's friend
LED lighting fixtures's friend Vuosi sitten
How weight about this light and where will you really use it
Miles Old
Miles Old Vuosi sitten
什麼地方用得著這燈?Where do this lamps being applied?
Big Sad
Big Sad Vuosi sitten
Matt's got a sun gun
DIY glass speaker! How to build your own.
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