Transforming dead earbuds into POWERFUL wireless speakers

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DIY Perks

DIY Perks

11 päivää sitten

Got an old pair of headphones? Time to turn them into speakers! Also, new Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit or text "diyperks" to 500 500 to try Audible today!


Broken Galaxy Buds (ebay):
(UK link:

Speaker drivers:
2" subwoofer and radiator:
2" mid/treble unit:

Protected batteries:

The guide will be uploaded shortly.

Shady S
Shady S 2 tuntia sitten
Everything was nice and dandy until those filter and amp things showed up. No sir thanks, please excuse my intelligence.
Supreme King Mk2
Supreme King Mk2 2 tuntia sitten
Hi do you sell them as well?
Lewis Overdorp
Lewis Overdorp 3 tuntia sitten
jolly good show mate!
__ 3 tuntia sitten
Its a cool project but far far too many adjectives. "superb" this "excellent" that, when really its run of the mill stuff any audio enthusiast would expect. It just gets a bit grating.
ً 4 tuntia sitten
You should add real tweeters to this
Youness B.
Youness B. 5 tuntia sitten
Maaan thats amazing
Lon Henrique
Lon Henrique 5 tuntia sitten
I Love It
THE WORKS SHOP 5 tuntia sitten
Great project!
cohen Murray
cohen Murray 6 tuntia sitten
Please Upload the guide I am waiting to build my speakers and I need the guide to make the case. thank you
Robb Ishcomer
Robb Ishcomer 6 tuntia sitten
this is awesome!!!!
Jakalan the man
Jakalan the man 7 tuntia sitten
Ah yes diy
holycat09 7 tuntia sitten
I mean REALLY??? Shouldn't it be titled; "How to re-purpose $25 wireless earbuds by spending $150 on DIY wireless true stereo speakers using a $3000 CNC machine'" ??? If I may suggest, could u do a similar video with much cheaper materials and less DIY work with same internal electronics from wireless earbuds for us cheap-ass citizens? Great DIY video with GREAT RESULTS (except you lost a lot of high end so get better tweeters or tweak it a bit more). Still, I love your videos dude!
hidronico1 9 tuntia sitten
Really cool, I would have added some weights to each unit to keep them from walking at volume
sunil shanmukh
sunil shanmukh 10 tuntia sitten
Y don't u do power bank for laptops
Shaun Y
Shaun Y 10 tuntia sitten
Ear boods
איציק ברוך
איציק ברוך 11 tuntia sitten
Llama boi 123
Llama boi 123 11 tuntia sitten
Where is the guide? I am building a similar setup and am stuck at the circuit part! please help. thanks
Aryan4044GAMING 11 tuntia sitten
Diy perks is second name of creativity
Wezly 11 tuntia sitten
It's highly recommended
Marian Pugliese
Marian Pugliese 11 tuntia sitten
serious bang and olufsen vibes!! I'm in love!!
KPbICMAH 12 tuntia sitten
that's a funny accent... or should I say 'foonny'?
Zack C
Zack C 12 tuntia sitten
How are you supposed to pair these when you get a new BT device?
Warren Heggie
Warren Heggie 13 tuntia sitten
He should open a little shop and make them and sell them the computer make it out of brass
ReanimationXP 14 tuntia sitten
Most of if not all earbud sets will shut off if they are too far apart from each other.. not much wider than the width of an average head. This would obviously severely impede the usefulness of this setup. How did you deal with this?
Random Electronics and Displays
Random Electronics and Displays 14 tuntia sitten
I'm very surprised you didn't build in a charger. Or at least use metal threaded inserts for the screws on the battery access panel.
Giannis Zourntos
Giannis Zourntos 15 tuntia sitten
Hey can you make a diagram of the filters
Reacted Apurba
Reacted Apurba 15 tuntia sitten
Hey Matt, The thing I wanna tell you that can You make a homemade CNC machine?
Scorpio Death
Scorpio Death 15 tuntia sitten
should have had a BMS with a USB-C slot on the back for charging. Otherwise, great job. Design is awesome.
KayDee 15 tuntia sitten
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna 15 tuntia sitten
Great work Matt!! appreciate your choice of projects you do. I have something in my mind (keeps bugging me). A couple of old Android phones lying around, could they be fit to make an Android tv or simply convert a normal LED TV to an Android
LordTechPro 16 tuntia sitten
Clickbait thumbnail, I expected AirPods and got the Galaxy Buds instead
Aleksandar Grozdanoski
Aleksandar Grozdanoski 18 tuntia sitten
Don't wanna be a grammar nazi or anything, but I hate it when an intelligent FIpostr says cheap prices 🙂
ZarkinDrife 18 tuntia sitten
I wonder if i can do these with old airpods since mine keep turning of randomly
Steve X
Steve X 18 tuntia sitten
While Matt was making 3 wizard-tier videos like this, I proudly changed out a wall light switch without burning the house down and cut some foam shoe insoles darn close to correct size
C-FU gaming
C-FU gaming 18 tuntia sitten
if only i have the knowledge and money to try this out lmao.
Marcus Barber
Marcus Barber 18 tuntia sitten
Yep. cool idea waaaaay too complex for my poor brain to follow
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 19 tuntia sitten
Plz transform a single earbud into a small speaker of 1 w or 3w.
Bassem Zammeli
Bassem Zammeli 20 tuntia sitten
Just buy a couple of Anker speakers they are like $30 water proof 24hrs playtime and are pretty much unbreakable.
NikolaiK 20 tuntia sitten
I'm guessing this wouldn't work with my pair of Galaxy Buds that got the laundry machine treatment
Sunny Kay
Sunny Kay 21 tunti sitten
This guy is a genius
Timothy McMahon
Timothy McMahon 21 tunti sitten
bose sounds better ngl
John Fair
John Fair 21 tunti sitten
Very nice, but it is easier to just go to a store and buy a Bluetooth speaker for $20.00.
Jeff Dow
Jeff Dow 23 tuntia sitten
Beautiful job, Bose has always been shit though just saying, but they really do slay I could hear the difference even on TV speakers 😂 😂
Spyhunter Päivä sitten
I think Matt put Bose on
liquerinfrnt Päivä sitten
Its a shame you didn't put a charge port and have to take out the batteries instead.
Adrian's Teflon
Adrian's Teflon Päivä sitten
I would like that bass filter resistor setup buying info
Kurumi Tokisaki
Kurumi Tokisaki Päivä sitten
I would add as an option using a working standard set of speakers, building the amp externally using rca connections.
Kdog 68
Kdog 68 Päivä sitten
May I please have the guide
Erick Utrera
Erick Utrera Päivä sitten
I neod to try it, please the Instructions
FalchionWielder78 Päivä sitten
Amazing! You are seriously the man. As others have no doubt suggested, the only improvement that seems to me to be a must-do is figuring out a way to charge them without removing the battery pack… maybe a quick follow up video????
Zamer Aeli
Zamer Aeli Päivä sitten
Can we use any tpa3110 amplifier??
Dave Fayram
Dave Fayram Päivä sitten
It took me a second to realize that the real magic here in the wiring is that the paired Bluetooth controllers already are divining the L and R channels.
F16 Päivä sitten
They look fantastic, especially the woodwork, but the sound is kind of meh. A bit too much bass, and thus sounds a bit distorted/muffled. The Bose definitely sound crisper. Would look to package the Bose in those wooden cases! Lol. Oh, yeah, and you really need recharging circuitry in the cases….removing battery packs is not the best approach.
Dat Meme
Dat Meme Päivä sitten
You just need to tune a bit with the EQ in your smartphone.
Ondřej Douša
Ondřej Douša Päivä sitten
Only one small thing missing :) and it is a USB-C charging :).
pedro norte
pedro norte Päivä sitten
Awesome diy and sound quality , perfect design too I wish I can buy that online made by you 😊
Gamercatsz Päivä sitten
Turning an Earbud into a powerful speaker.. If they ever do a biography movie about DIY Perks, Macgyver probably will play him.
R__B Päivä sitten
Really cool project, but if the Bose is the same price I'm afraid that's what I'd rather have
R__B 19 tuntia sitten
@Graham West they sounded significantly better. Obviously comparison is limited by the speakers I'm using to watch the video but there is a clear difference
Graham West
Graham West Päivä sitten
Johnathan Brown
Johnathan Brown Päivä sitten
"One of the perks of DIY". You gotta try working that line into very video you make from now on.
asueft Päivä sitten
Pat yourself on the back 👍
DisgustedLuigi Päivä sitten
Those Bose speakers actually have better balance and clearer tones. That second song made it really clear how muffled the DIY speakers are. Still impressive though. I would have rather seen how to use the Bluetooth receiver in the headphones in order to make existing wired speakers Bluetooth capable instead.
Chong Tan
Chong Tan Päivä sitten
The speak is beautiful. I agree that at the beginning of the video, it thought it was some sort of premium brand speaker. Well done!
Sagar Talpada
Sagar Talpada Päivä sitten
Second song name
Jorge A. Garza V
Jorge A. Garza V Päivä sitten
better bass than Bose, the size matters a lot, of course; very cool highs, a bit subtler than Bose's. Cool, dude!
Iamtheman7732 Cantley
Iamtheman7732 Cantley Päivä sitten
Bose sounds good you have more treble and bass in the bose but mods are more present with the home made speakers
Anonim Disc
Anonim Disc Päivä sitten
Maybe send something to DankPods
Criminiels Päivä sitten
The end result is awesome!! Looks like professional speakers! Keep up the good work!!
Jitish Makkad
Jitish Makkad Päivä sitten
Why not use a lithium ion battery which can be charged through a micro usb/type-C port. Why go for this unscrewing then taking out the battery pack then charging individual batteries..which is a very slow process
mwenya mwansa
mwenya mwansa Päivä sitten
Mmmm man you good ✊🤘
FyberOptic Päivä sitten
The second test song made me think the speakers were going to start bobbing up and down like turrets in Portal 2.
satchguitar84 Päivä sitten
legit cool project, but for a lot less than $250 in just materials you can get a really nice set of speakers
MZX Päivä sitten
Uff, i'm thirsty for that project guide!!!
goober Päivä sitten
This guy loves an adjective.... 🤔
Robot Bender Rodríguez
Robot Bender Rodríguez Päivä sitten
Mc Gyver would make those speakers with a pin and no electricity in 3.5 minutes total.
Plotsco Päivä sitten
Next video:i transformed an old airplane into a UFO
Kevin Capiau
Kevin Capiau Päivä sitten
Your projects are always too difficult for me to understand, however I always enjoy them. Please never change 😉
Sultan Päivä sitten
Lol it still works with Galaxy Wearable app Is the battery life reported the Li-Ion cells percentages? Also you can probably try turning the audio further via Galaxy Wearable
John Melvin Fontanilla
John Melvin Fontanilla Päivä sitten
hi i have 2* 35 watts 8 ohm 5'' full rage woofer speaker paired with 2* 10 watt 4'' tweeter - it is on 1 way deviding network please help me find amplifier for it
Amey Rathod
Amey Rathod Päivä sitten
How will i charge the speakers when the battery is covered in fabric 😂😂
FlavorDude Päivä sitten
Me: Goes looking how to make DIY Electric scooter on FIpost. Future me: Learns how to make Bluetooth Earbud Stereo.
Circle Nine
Circle Nine Päivä sitten
gime them to me😑
SMN Päivä sitten
i could see these being sold for 1000$
Axelman8 Päivä sitten
Hey there. Wow this is great stuff and very educational how audio works with resistors and amplifiers diy build. One more follower 👍
Bill P
Bill P Päivä sitten
How much to have you build me these?
Mopantsu Päivä sitten
"Here's one I made early ear" John Noakes.
Shaz ali
Shaz ali Päivä sitten
What about circuit diagram for low pass filter and other connections?? 🤔🤔
Lalrongengi Lalrongengi
Lalrongengi Lalrongengi Päivä sitten
You literally make a premium speakers
cotin18 Päivä sitten
OMG This is genius! Where can i find more tips about type of battery to use or how to get the correct voltage for the speakers i want to use? And how to not fry the electronics from my old bluetooth headset? :D Sorry about all the questions!
cotin18 Päivä sitten
What about turning it into a little hub that can send the signal over radio so you can transmit to as many speakers and sub-woofers as you want with a signal receiver for each unit? :D I hope anyone can give me some tips on this! :)
cotin18 Päivä sitten
Ah, amplifier. Noted! :D
FRED VARGHESE Päivä sitten
They look like minions…made from wood… 👻🤣
Kizzy K
Kizzy K Päivä sitten
Excellent video buddy just subscribed 🙂
Neser Tema
Neser Tema Päivä sitten
great idea, thanks. being me, I would make them with a charging board inside and simply plugging them in when needing a charge, instead of removing the batteries and putting them into the external charger
Meban lyngdoh Lyngdoh
Meban lyngdoh Lyngdoh Päivä sitten
Better just to buy a speaker than building one
Manu Shapopi
Manu Shapopi Päivä sitten
Hearing your voice makes me instantly feel more creative. Love your videos. Is the guide still coming? I have broken TWS earbuds so I might actually try building this. Specifically A guide to those High and Low-pass filters would be really appreciated.
boondaguh Päivä sitten
Leroy Noah
Leroy Noah Päivä sitten
So much talent on youtube. I’ve actually had this idea myself and I have some earbuds I’ve wanted to do this with but i have no idea how to do that circuit stuff
Rahul Chaudhary
Rahul Chaudhary Päivä sitten
I am indian। Please give me your email id
Tyler M.
Tyler M. Päivä sitten
Do you have links to the music used for the audio testing parts?
You, sir, are an artist and a genius.
BeardedCollector83 Päivä sitten
Vijay Yadav
Vijay Yadav Päivä sitten
Happy Mother's Day👩‍👧‍👦
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